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김백찬 박사과정 EIAR 논문 게재

최종 수정일: 4월 8일

논문 개요 (실수로 글이 삭제되어서 초록만 첨부합니다.)

Several cities built along the waterfront are also accompanied by mountainous backgrounds, and thus have characteristic panoramas contributing to their visual image and identity. However, urban waterfronts are also often subject to high-rise development, which may damage that identity by shielding the mountainous background. Building regulations are adopted as visual impact management policies to retain mountain visibility, but it is difficult to find either scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of such private property control or further empirical guidance for its elaboration. Through a case study of Seoul's Han River, this study thus analyzed the actual impact of relevant building characteristics on the visual preference of urban waterfront views with mountainous backgrounds. Immersive virtual reality experiments using both actual and simulated cityscape images were conducted. Hierarchical linear regression and quasi-rank-based conjoint analysis results confirm that controls on buildings to retain background mountain visibility would actually serve as reasonable visual impact management measures. Insights into what kinds of regulation could be desirable in which circumstances were further obtained—excessively high buildings are especially unrecommended when the height of the background mountain is low, and in all cases a combination of view corridors with convex skylines are advisable for mitigating the negative impacts of mid-to-high building heights.

짧은 감상

김백찬 박사과정, 주영하 박사와 함께 EIAR(Environmental Impact Assessment Review)이라는 저널에 논문을 게재했습니다. 처음 투고해본 저널인데, IF는 상위 10% 정도이고 심사도 빠른 편(투고부터 게재까지 4개월 정도)이라 요즘 같은 어려운(?) 때에 나름 괜찮은 저널 같습니다.

심사는 빨리 끝났는데, 연구는 꼬박 3년이 걸렸네요. 처음으로 Recorded VR과 Simulated VR을 함께 사용해봤는데, VR 실험 연구가 다들 그러하듯 확실히 손이 너무 많이 갑니다.

실험 설계부터, 현장촬영, VR실험 및 설문조사, 분석, 원고작성 등 전 과정에 몸을 갈아 넣은 김백찬 박사과정과, 작은 용어 하나부터 논문의 전체 줄기까지 논문을 완전히 새롭게 탈바꿈 시킨 주영하 박사에게 감사의 마음을 전합니다.

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