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 Smart and Sustainable

Urban Space

Design & Analytics Lab.

2022 과천축제

과천대로, 과천시 Ⓒ 김승남, D&A Lab.


Background Knowledge

Urban Design

Public Place and Life

Urban Analytics

Leading Area

VR Experiment-Based Urban Space Design

Pedestrian Environment and Behavior

Pedestrian Right and Policies

가상 현실
산업 도시

Regular Area

Sustainable Urban Form and Transportation

Urban Spatial Structure, Energy Consumption and Air Pollution

Built Environment and Travel Behavior

Urban Form and Non-Motorized Commuting

Neighborhood Design and Active Travel

Street Design and Pedestrian Safety

Active Design and Public Health

Telecommuting Impacts

Measuring Urban Form and Spatial Analysis

Challenging Area

Smart City

Machine Learning

Future Urbanism

Autonomous Urbanism

Pandemic Urbanism

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