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Call for Abstracts (2024 RSA Annual Conference @ University of Florence, Italy)

한국지역학회 회원 여러분께,

RSA(The Regional Science Association)로부터 2024년 6월 이탈리아에서 열리는 RSA Annual Conference 2024 ( 참가 신청 메일이 와서 공유해 드립니다. 초록 제출은 2024년 1월30일까지이고, 그밖에 스페셜세션과 등록에 대한 일정은 아래 메일 참고해 주시기 바랍니다.

(사) 한국지역학회

국제위원회 위원장 우명제


Dear List Members,

We are pleased to announce the next RSA Annual Conference which will take place at the Dept. of Economics and Management and Dept. of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy 11th- 14th June 2024.

After a very successful and enjoyable conference in Ljubljana we hope you will be able to join us in the stunning city of Florence to what promises to be a very special conference.

Details on the conference and calls can be found below or online at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With thanks and best wishes


RSA Annual Conference 2024 Global Challenges, Regional Collaboration and the Role of Places

11th – 14th June 2024, University of Florence, Italy #RSA24

The Regional Studies Association’s Annual Conference #RSA24 is being held in partnership with the Department of Economics and Business Sciences and Department of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy. This four-day conference brings together academics and policymakers to exchange news, views and research findings from the fields of regional studies and science, regional and economic development, policy and planning. There will be representation from around 50 different global territories as we gather both established experts and early career researchers in the beautiful city of Florence.

The conference will feature presentations, high-profile plenary speakers, a number of specially convened sessions, workshops, professional development and networking sessions, walking tours and field trips. The social programme will include the conference dinner and a reception, side events, exhibitor stalls and post-conference tours to explore Florence and Tuscany.

Call for Abstracts Much recent focus has been on the great global challenges of the twenty-first century. From the financial crisis to the Covid pandemic, through to the uncertain futures caused by climate change, geopolitical instability, and technological change, the backdrop for regional studies continues to be a global context marked by turmoil, transition and transformation. It is often easy to be drawn in by this allure, framing regional studies or policies in relation to one or more global challenges – be it alignment to Sustainable Development Goals, in response to one global crisis or another, and so on. But what are the connections between regional studies and these global challenges? More importantly, what are the connections between regional studies, these global challenges and the people and places affecting change and being impacted by change?

The RSA Annual Conference 2024 presents a timely opportunity to discuss and debate the place and role of regions and regional research in this context. At a time when in different contexts the need for regional policy and planning is being contested, the conference organizers invite you to consider the role for regions, regional policy and planning, and regional research. Moreover, how are the connections being made or unmade, and what is the role for regional collaboration – be it among researchers or policy communities, between researchers and policymakers, across geographic or disciplinary contexts – in all of this?

The organizers are keen to attract papers and sessions with contributions from any discipline offering relevant insights at local and regional levels. Papers which are highly innovative, collaborative, international or multi-disciplinary are especially welcome, and from researchers or practitioners at any career stage.

This is an interdisciplinary conference, and we welcome papers from all – academics, researchers, students and those working in policy and practice. The event is inclusive and offers networking opportunities for all in our field. The organisers welcome proposals for special sessions, themed workshops and innovative forms of networking and collaboration.

Special Sessions We welcome submissions for Special Sessions (open or closed). More details and the special session template can be found at

Call for Abstracts Please submit your abstract (up to 250 words and text only) through the RSA conference portal at

Conference Bursaries available Conference bursaries take the form of a free conference place. More details at

Important Dates:

  • Special Session submission deadline 8th January 2024

  • Conference Bursary deadline is 30th January 2024

  • Abstract submission deadline is 30th January 2024

  • Registration (conference fee payment) opens on 14th February 2024

Conference website

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